A pioneering project that aims to support small holders in the agricultural Industry

With small scale famers, or “small holders” making up over 80% of Egypt’s agricultural sector, finding new and innovative ways to reach them represents an important task for the Crop Protection (AP) team at BASF Egypt. Earlier this year, the team launched a mobile “BASF Agricultural Clinic” to serve, support and educate small holders in remote or isolated regions. The initiative is being pioneered in Upper Egypt. It allows the farmers there to improve their living earnings and quality of life through compliant agricultural practices.

The Clinic has a portable mechanism, which enables it to set up at different locations in the region. During a clinic day, famers bring samples of their Infested plant and meet face-to-face with BASF technical experts that provide a careful diagnosis. The experts provide farmers with a prescription paper, which includes the disease and a recommendation of which product to use and the appropriate dosage. In addition, the farmers receive product stickers that can be added on the prescription, providing illiterate farmers with a way to understand the information. It also helps farmers do detect fake or counterfeit products.

BASF also works with Egyptian farmers’ organizations and NGOs to provide the service to their small holders as part of their corporate social responsibility activities.

An innovative business model opens doors
for Crop Protection market in Egypt

BASF Crop Protection – AP in Egypt recently launched a revolutionary route-to-market [RTM] business model — new to BASF and to the agricultural industry in Egypt. Themed “BASF will reach you everywhere”, RTM aims to support the Egyptian agriculture market with sustainable solutions. The launch event recently took place at the Mena House Hotel and was attended by leading agricultural experts, retailers, growers, distributors and representatives from the Principal Bank for Development & Agriculture Credit and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The new strategy is a transparent business model that aims to reach the entire value chain and to foster smallholder farming in Egypt. It also aims to end monopolistic and inaccurate policies practiced in the pesticide market with clear and fair pricing policies. This will result in maximizing economic returns and develop sustainable solutions to meet the growing demands of agricultural industry in Egypt.

Speaking at the event, Magdy El Sobky, Country Manager Crop Protection – Nile & Middle East, highlighted local agricultural challenges, “The country is faced with some critical issues, mainly erosion of farmland and irrigation, water scarcity and lack of energy sources. The rising population calls for increased demand for agricultural products and its production under safe conditions.”

He added, “BASF’s Crop Protection division is significantly increasing its activities in Egypt agricultural market. It aims to sustain its role as a leading innovator by continuing its extensive investment in research and development. Initiated just six years ago in 2010, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23 percent, the division now serves more than 15 countries across the Middle East serving private and public sectors as a leading crop protection solution provider.”

RTM, a harmonized business model shifts from a “sell to” to a “sell through” approach where BASF assigns its indirect sales to a regional sales distributor structure extending excelled support services, including distribution centers, warehouses, branded vehicles, sales and marketing support dedicated to BASF products distribution. RTM’s main focus is to increase speed and agility serving the entire value chain to provide cost-effective, sustainable and up-to-date solutions.

Sharing the marketing strategy, Ahmed Abou Zahra, Marketing Manager – Middle East & Nile countries, stated that the new strategy aims to build a stronger distribution network to reach wide-spread customers through exclusive distributors, namely Ahdaf, UTC and SMART. The distributors will be empowered with technical trainings and development plans to ensure quality customer support services. This will enable AP in Egypt to achieve a double digit growth year-on-year.

“There are various activities that BASF will add through this new strategy, mainly, supporting our small holders, developing their skills and providing field trainings at their farms. Hence, the new business strategy ‘BASF will reach you everywhere’ will guarantee wider market coverage. This will ensure farmer accessibility to higher productivity per acre while meeting international standards,” said Amr Abou Zeid, Country Sales Manager.

Egypt -The magic of Cabrio® Duo

BASF held a launch event on September 15, 2015 in Cairo to introduce Cabrio® Duo. The event was centered around an exciting magic show with tricks in a theater setting, during which Cabrio® Duo was revealed to an audience of more than 180 retailers, distributors and farmers of potatoes, grapes and tomatoes from all over Egypt. Key speakers at Cabrio® Duo’s launch event included Ayman Nafie–Managing Director, Magdy El Sobky–Regional Manager, Ahmed Abu Zahra –Marketing Manager Middle East & Nile Countries, Alexander Guttenkunst Prade–MSc Technical Manager Fungicides and Plant Growth Regulator & Seed Treatment Africa & Middle East, and Karim Kojac–Egyptian TV Presenter. Since Cabrio® Duo’s launch, we have been receiving very positive feedback from customers regarding the product’s progress following trials all over Egypt

BASF will reach you everywhere

The BASF Crop Protection (AP) team reached a new milestone in the implementation of the global AP marketing strategy launched a year ago by opening its first branch in Al Nubaria in cooperation with the company UTC.

The new branch is located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in Nubaria, a vital area that represents the mainstay of the agricultural area in Egypt. This means that the branch will facilitate the provision of technical support to the farmers as well as providing a high quality international product.

The opening ceremony took place on the 19th of December, which was attended by a number of agricultural industry representatives, including experts, consultants, investors, farmers, traders and owners of agricultural input companies.

“The opening of this branch is a strong message confirming BASF’s keenness to enhance its presence in the Egyptian market and its interest in the farms, which is the cornerstone of any serious agricultural and economic development,” said Regional Manager Crop Protection Nile & Middle East
Magdy El-Sobky described the Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road as a good example of agricultural development, turning it from a desert road to a road surrounded by the best farms. He added that the purpose of opening the branch is not to compete with traders but to strengthen communication with the Egyptian farmers and merchants.

In the same context, Hisham Mebed, Marketing Manager, E-APE/A Crop Protection, said that BASF will continue to support the farms and raise awareness of BASF products, pointing out that seminars will be organized in this new branch to discuss how to safely use pesticides and to clarify methods of plant protection. As this relates to the health and life of families and the environment, the company organizes awareness campaigns at the level of the Egyptian Republic in order to achieve this goal and the responsibility of the farmer.

Amr Abu Zaid, Country Sales Manager added that the company’s direction is clear in adding more branches and products that support BASF’s announced strategy